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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Post(s) I Don't Want to Write

A new series is coming (either will start tonight, or tomorrow) which I really don't want to write. Seriously, I'd rather not, but I feel I must. The reasons I don't want to write it:
    1. It's critical of a pastor many have enjoyed. I know and respect people who lovingly have grown under this man's ministry.
    2. It's critical of a sermon some enjoyed. I've already talked to one man I love and greatly respect who enjoyed the message I will be examining.
    3. Previous attempts to analyze a sermon may have cost me a friendship or two. This could possibly cost me even more.
See why I'm not really pumped?

However, I feel I must post my analysis of this message for the following reasons:
    To be Fair
My dad will cringe if he sees this reason, and may even call me to remind me, "life is not fair." It certainly isn't, but I want to let those who were bothered by my last critique know that it wasn't because it was emerging/emergent/whatever I should call it. It was because I had a problem with the way the pastor handled the text.
    Exposes the solution
The pastor I will review is possibly the farthest thing from emerging to most people's minds. Therefore, I want to be clear when I critiqued McLaren's sermon, I was not thinking that this gentleman's style of preaching was the solution either. I don't want a caricature of preaching to come from my critique. I hope this (upcoming) review will draw a clearer picture of the Biblical preaching I believe the Lord calls us.
    Relevant topic!
The topic the pastor chose to preach is the same topic some brothers and I have been discussing. Interestingly, this gentleman contrasted the style I call for, and chose the methodology I have been questioning with this one brother.
    Irrellevant Preacher
This man was preaching before the emerging generation, yet all the bells and whistles he pulled out to speak their language went over like a lead balloon. Interestingly, when he and the speaker to follow him were introduced, the speaker to follow him received applause (in anticipation) though he did nothing to cater to the generation.
    Beautiful Juxtaposition
This brother's message was followed by a brother I have never found disappointing. The contrast was startling and refreshing. The room was full of pastors and would-be pastors, and I pray they all decide to emulate Voddie's preaching and not the sermon of the upcoming series.
    Life is Good
Clearly, I have much to celebrate, so I'm not writing this because I'm in a foul mood or angry at the world. I believe we have to be discerning and joy filled.

Like the last time I publicly critiqued a sermon, the next series will not be fun for me, but I believe it is necessary.


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