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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fantastic Firn

With 6 inches of snowfall so far, and another 6 due (according to weatherperhour.com), I thought I'd point out my thoughts from the day:
    1. Recently, I was telling people how much I enjoy the quirks (broken fuel gauge, hood release, parking break release and arm rest. It requires ether during the winter) of my truck; they just give the truck personality. But I've finally found the feature that drives me nuts...the door doesn't seal all the way and leaves a pile of snow on the driver's seat!
    2. Street Department drives me nuts. I carved out the portion of our driveway that leads to the street, only to have the city street department plow me back in. It took me about 15 minutes to dig back out...only to watch them plow me back in again!
    3. Hooray for street department! Our kids were climbing on a snow pile in our backyard as a bulldozer zoomed through our alley. We all waved and he passed out of sight. Within seconds, he was back and plowing our driveway...saving my back and giving my some a cool bulldozer fix!
    4. Neither rain nor sleet nor...yeah right. The mail was not delivered today.
    5. Change of pace. I woke up this morning frustrated with the weather. However, the storm slowed life down around here and I was able to have an unplanned (but beneficial) meeting with one brother and connected with another over the phone.

It's warm in the house, I've got highspeed internet now, and I'm getting to watch Dora's Pirate Adventure. Let the snow keep coming!


  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger Dale Harris said…

    If only you lived in Englewood. My mail was actually early today!

    Can't doubt the commitment of the USPS, baby!

  • At 11:06 PM, Blogger ~d said…

    my thoughts about your thoughts:
    1. snow on the seat = wet butt upon arrival to destination. i wouldn't like that either. we happen to have a pile of snow on our enclosed back porch because the wind found the one small gap in the door frame...

    2. i don't think i saw the street department out here today. did see some trucks bouncing over drifts from time to time.

    3. nope, still no street department. the wind moves things around, though

    4. no mail either, but the trash was picked up!

    5. if we have more snow days after tomorrow, we'll have to give up some spring break. please, no more snow! plus, i'm getting tired of my dvd library....can i borrow Dora?


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