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Monday, May 08, 2006

Legacy of the Caribou--Humiliation

As the first year celebration of Carnivorous Caribou, I've decided to give some articles explaining how things got where they did. You can find the first post here.

Carnivorous Caribou has had a long tradition of humiliation. Humiliation should never be confused with humility. Humility, is a virtue, a character trait of a person pursuing godliness. One only becomes humble as they rightly consider their status before God and there absolute need for Him. Humiliation, on the other hand, is typically the by-product of pride. Humiliation is typically when your deficiencies become apparent to you long after they have been manifested to others. There are a few ways that the Caribou has humbled me involuntarily:

    First Pick
The Caribou first took shape as my fantasy basketball franchise. Having never been introduced to fantasy sports, I did not think it necessary to consult a magazine or gain any advice. I was given the fifth pick in the draft (my highest pick ever, in over a decade). Owners one through four did not seem to need much time for their decision. I could have used more time. With my first pick ever, and the fifth pick overall, I selected John Starks (I didn't realize head-butting Reggie Miller did not gain fantasy points).
    Carniverous Caribou
That's right. For about the first five years of my team's existence, I didn't even spell the name correctly. Nothing like looking at my team parking sign that has the mascot spelled incorrectly.
    Championship Season
Finally, in 2001, the Caribou brought home a championship. Why is that humiliating? Because that's the only time the Caribou have ever placed above fifth place at the end of the season.

The Caribou...one more way of trying to humble this proud man. God willing, as the humility increases, the humiliation may decrease.


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