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Monday, May 08, 2006

Painful Weekend

This weekend brought some "character developing situations."
    a. Barefoot Weed-eating.
...not a good idea. I knew it wasn't a good idea. I knew I should grab a pair of boots. I told myself I could keep my feet out of the way. Of course, I didn't and not only cut my foot, but also got a bizarre bruise from smacking a nylon string repeatedly against my toe at a high velocity.
    b. Old Man Basketball.
...infinitely more damaging. I played some pick up 2 on 2 yesterday at the park. We played a couple games when one of the guys had to leave. As he left, another guy walked up to the court and joined in. By "shooting for it" (Which never made sense to me. Doesn't that ensure the two best shooters are on the same team?), me and the new guy get put on the same team. Greatly overmatched, we actually end up winning the game by a pretty good margin. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, when the new guy says:
Not too bad, huh? Those guys just got beat by the short guy (he stood about 5'3") and the old guy.
At first, I was going to downplay his vertical challenges, until the final part of the statement sunk in. The old guy!Seeing the disturbed look on my face, he responded:
Well, you're clearly the oldest guy out here, right?
Just moments after a great victory, I limped off the court defeated...unsure if the limp was due to my toe, or my old age.


  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger RevPharoah said…

    Savor the victory and remember to wear shoes when using high speed cutting yard implements. Older is supposed to be wiser.

    There's a guy in my church who plays basketball in the 75 and older division of his league. He complains that there aren't many teams in his division so sometimes they have to play the "young guys" (ie the 65 and over teams.)

    A few weeks ago he came into church limping. He said he hurt his knee. The "young guys" were hard fouling him. It wasn't cause he was driving to the hoop, it was because he hadn't missed a three pointer all night. He's 85.

    In light of his inspiring example, I challenge you to a game of one on one to played in 2036. I'll be 75. I'll want to do it while I'm still young.


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