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Monday, May 08, 2006

Origins of the Caribou

As the first year celebration of Carnivorous Caribou, I've decided to give some articles explaining how things got where they did.

Where did the Caribou come from?
    An Unknown Sketch
I don't know if it was Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, or some other sketch show, but I'll never forget the skit. The scene was black and white, there was a young woman plucking the petals off of a flower, while alternating between "He loves me, He loves my caribou." For some reason, there was also a fat man eating corn on the cob. At the end of the scene, the camera pans over and there is a caribou standing in her apartment. I know that plot summary was probably brutal to read, but it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on television.
    Cameron the Caribou
(named after the Duke's Cameron stadium). During the summer of 1992, Charity found out how I felt about her. (Basically that I struggled to breath around her, got really sweaty and was ready to quit school, get a job and buy a house for us to live in until we die.) The problem: a) I was only going into my junior year of high school. b) She didn't know me. c) We would be spending the rest of the summer together on a mission team. I'm sure the thought "restraining order" crossed her mind, but God moved her to choose a more gracious path. She bought me a stuffed Caribou that says "I love Niagara Falls" on it's shirt (Yes, the caribou is wearing a shirt. Your point?).
    Caribou Parking Only
I was introduced to fantasy basketball my freshman year at Grace. I chose to name my team the Kansas City Carnivorous Caribou (which moved the team to Carson City within about two weeks). I liked the name a lot (more on the team tomorrow). But after my friend, Dave Matheny, created an official logo for me, I fell in love with the name. Now, I have Caribou t-shirts, hats, clocks...all kinds of things. Others in our league have creative names. Some owners have nice logos. But no other has both a creative name and an original logo.

And so the story began...


  • At 2:05 PM, Anonymous mcgriff said…

    Thanks for the explanation of the caribou...I had not hear that.

    What is even stranger is that I vividly remember that skit too. It is a SNL skit with Mike Myers as Sprockets..."this is sprockets welcome to my show..." he played a German freakboy artist that hosted a show and he would always do stupid stuff like that and then dance real goofy at the end of each skit. It is a classic and I still occasionaly mention sprockets to my wife.

    We probably watched the show together on one of those high school, mountain dew - cheez-it all nighters we would do. Eric was probably there and we had to explain it to him, like the axes in Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy.

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    i wondered if sprockets wasn't the answer! thanks for helping me clear it up!

  • At 12:54 PM, Blogger Charity said…

    In spite of several awkward moments, that was an unforgettable summer. We need to take another trip to Philly sometime!


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