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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

SFL--Week 7

Haiku Week

In honor of my fantasy basketball draft, and to keep this post shorter, I'm busting out haikus to summerize Week 7. I'll list the score, the "Big Matchup", and then post the haiku...

Fighting Amish 59.29
Bee Stings 99.92
Big Matchup: Trent Dilfer (-5.74), Mark Brunell (24.64)

Stings beat the Amish,
Ho Hum, just like other teams,
It's tough to be best.

Terrell's Sharpies 62.22
Attack of the Llamas 46.54
Big Matchup: Curtis Martin (12.1), Deuce McAllister (0)

Sharpies beat Llamas,
Martin's good, but not the key,
Deuce on the I.R.

the Great Danes 70.55
the REAL finch 102.66
Big Matchup: Tatum Bell (5.05), Stephen Jackson (22.2)

Ganger loses game,
Cami continues in luck,
Stings will end her luck.

Deaf Pears 109.48
Goodasgoldfinches 133.32
Big Matchup: Priest Holmes (20.6), Lamont Jordan (32.5)

Todd almost lost game,
Luck continues in form of:
Big Lamont surprise.

Derek's Derelicts 92.62
Bradshaw's Bloggers 150.05
Big Matchup: Tiki Barber (14.5), Lamont Jordan (32.5)

One hundred fifty,
from now on, simply call J
Jason Jugernaut

AJ's Wildcats 71.44
100% Cotton 85.94
Big Matchup: Terry Glenn (2.55), Wes Welker (16.92)

Cotton is quite soft,
Like all in Finch family,
Who is Wes Welker?

Galloping Greyhounds 66.71
the Great Dawgs 84.57
Big Matchup: Joey Graham (1), Jose Cortez (-2)

Greyhounds on big slide,
Lost to team with cut kicker,
What happened to Gregg?

Graceful Gorillas 99.76
Jones' Cyclones 90.96
Big Matchup: Chicago D (11), Buffalo D (-1)

Jones had the offense,
But Bills D got kicked around,
Monty's streak alive!

The Standings:

7-0 aka "Still living off of squeaking by Danny"

6-1 aka "Preying on the weak"
the REAL finch
100% Cotton

5-2 aka "Wildcats not quite in same class as other two"
Bee Stings
Bradshaw's Bloggers
AJ's Wildcats

4-3 aka "Doggy paddling over .500"
Terrell's Sharpies

3-4 aka "In the dog house"
Galloping Greyhounds
the Great Dawgs

2-5 aka "Traffic jam of mediocracy"
Deaf Pears
Great Danes
Jones' Cyclones
Graceful Gorillas
Derek's Derelicts

1-6 aka "At least Kory is trying to do this in Indiana"
Fighting Amish
Attack of the Llamas


  • At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Todd said…

    I see you have a hard time giving credit where credit is due. The head coach of the Goodasgoldfinchs is an absolute genius. Who would of thought of picking up a Lamont Jordan? I have worked hard at developing a unbeatable team and I now have that team. As the overused phrase goes "can't touch this".

  • At 2:04 PM, Anonymous sarah ann :) said…

    someone has a lot of time on their hands.
    i didn't realize you even knew what a haiku was. good job danny.

  • At 8:03 PM, Anonymous ~d said…

    wow, i'm in awe of those top three coaches! must be in the genes...

    or perhaps it's their cook

  • At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    With my 2-5 record, I could sure use some of that cooking!



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