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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

SFL--Week 6

Wheat and Chaff Week

This is the week that teams finally have started separating themselves from each other. And one conference, MAY be showing it's not as weak as we thought.


Sharpies 80.61
Bee Stings 114.19

Wright proved this week that he can handle an opponent, even if he doesn't face him head on. "I still have no idea who Stephen Sharp is," Wright stated. "For all I know, it's an alias for Ty Finch. As easy as this team was to beat, I would think maybe it was Ty." Of course, Shawn Alexander (35.7) continued his run toward season MVP as he beat Corey Dillon (0) like a rented mule.

Great Danes 87.77
Attack of the Llamas 45.38

Dane came out with an entire lineup this week, and tore into the Llamas. His Buffalo defense (14) completely man-handled the Llama's New England defense (-2). Jordan is left to scramble to figure out how to get this Llama's groove back.

Deaf Pears 89.7
the REAL finch 108.86

Cami has been getting lucky during games this season. However, this week she just got lucky with scheduling. "Luck had nothing to do with it," barked CJ, "the Pears just aren't very good. He had LT (33.83) confused for a while, as he had his entire team singing "I've found my home in Indiana." However, once I reminded Dominic Davis (13.4) that this is week 6 and he should have been injured by now...Davis pretty well shut it down then."

The Fighting Amish 69.2
Goodasgoldfinches 122.27

A team will follow its quarterback, and Finch definitely won this battle. Though Kerry Collins (4.64) wasn't overly impressive, he was much better than Trent Dilfer (-3.66). Dilfer explained his dismal performance, "I was a little confused earlier this season. I thought I was a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Browns before. But then someone explained to me that though the Ravens organization is the closest things the Browns have experienced to winning a Super Bowl, technically that wasn't with a Cleveland organization. I reviewed my Browns history this week, and found that this week's performance is much more in line with Cleveland tradition."


AJ's Wildcats 110.09
Bradshaw's Bloggers 108.48

In a battle of two of the few teams that actually employ apostrophes, Bradshaw may have had the Edge, but Lachat came out with the win. Some complain that a game should never come down to kickers (Lindell--6, Vanderjact--0), but Chris reminds us again, "Hey, this is call FOOTball."

Galloping Greyhounds 91.66
Ty's Tyrants 99.2

Remember when we used to fear Gregg's lineup. Willis McGahee (20.75) wasn't intimidated to face off with Corey Dillon (0 points). Someone needs to remind Dillon he is no longer with the Bengals. "Next week someone can remind him," stated Ty, alluding to the fact he got lucky once again.

Graceful Gorillas 76.08
The Great Dawgs 76.07

Don't let the score fool you, this game was a close one. In the end, defense wins championships and Monty's Panther defense (20) outpaced Dick's Steeler defense (8). Monty stated, "It was nice to finally get that first win behind us. I hope today's victory can translate into another victory. Of course, we can't play the Dawgs every week, so we'll just have to see."

Derek's Derelicts 61.36
Jones' Cyclones 104.55

Jones' team has kicked it into high gear. Only one win out of a secured playoff position, Jones has really put his foot down. Steve Smith (14.28) went toe-to-toe with Chris Chambers (4.95) and helped gain the victory. "We'll boot any off this team who won't go toe-to-toe and kick their opponent. I mean it. I'm putting my foot down."


6-0 aka "Beginners Luck"

5-1 aka "Obviously Beatable"
the REAL finch
ty's tyrants
AJ's Wildcats

4-2 aka "Quite Possibly the Best Teams Ever Assembled"
Bee Stings
Bradshaw's Bloggers

3-3 aka "the 500 club"
Terrell's Sharpies
Galloping Greyhounds

2-4 aka "Home of the Fishers"
Deaf Pears
Great Danes
The Great Dawgs
Jones' Cyclones
Derek's Derelicts

1-5 aka "Probably Could Beat Any Finch Team On the Right Week"
The Fighting Amish
Attack of the Llamas
Graceful Gorillas


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