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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Real World Series

Is it just me, or does the "World Series of Poker" seem to be a year round thing. By definition, shouldn't a series have a beginning and an end? Therefore, I will only acknowledge the real World Series.

Since my predictions were way off last time, I'm going to steer clear of that approach again. The team I had winning it all is still in (Houston), but I severely underestimated the White Sox. Therefore, I will only give my top 10 thoughts about the October Classic.

10. Can we have Lou Pinella in the broadcast booth for every game? He was so awful it was entertaining. It was great hearing managerial insights such as "My mother used to call me after games and questions my decisions," or "That pitching change (3 innings ago) is really paying off for the Angles" and my favoite "That's a good looking kid" (after yet another Joe Crede homerun.) I have lately thought that Joe Buck has slipped a bit, but now I wonder if he's just rubbed shoulders with too many guys like this.
9. Is anyone surprised Tony La Russa ISN'T in the World Series? I just don't understand the reputation of La Russa. Maybe it all goes back to the 90 World Series. There's no way that A's team should have been swept. He has to take some of the blame for that, right?
8. I have no idea what I think of Ozzie Guillen. Seriously, was the guy necessary in the last series? Did he do anything? Is that the sign of a great manager or does this mean the Sox could be in trouble if it comes down to strategy and not just talent?
7. AJ Pierzynski Should we just assume that this series will be full of controversy since he is playing? I can't figure out what I think about this guy. On one hand, I've heard he's a hot-head who can be bad for a locker room. On the other hand, the guy seems to make up for a lack of athleticism with sheer grit and hustle. You have to admire that.
6. I'm confused, when did David Wells begin playing outfeild for the Cardinals. Larry Walker was great in his day, but once you start looking like "Boomer" that probably indicates you should consider eliminating some stress. A career change is probably a good move.
5. There is no five. It's back, Wailer!
4. The Beard This is one of the weirdest baseball traditions, and there's a ton of weird ones. Once late October rolls around, I feel like I'm watching hockey players on a baseball feild. Of course, it's not as ridiculous as Jake Plummer's mustache.
3. There's just something about Juan Uribe. I can't put my finger on what it is, he just doesn't seem to have the typical shortstop look. I stare at the TV everytime the ball is hit his way, hoping to finally figure out what doesn't seem right.
2. Hey, Hey, Hey, Phat Albert has left the building. I do miss the fact the Pujols won't be in this series. Last night I told my wife, "Honey, look, that may be the greatest baseball player of our generation." As he grounded out to second, she seemed to be unimpressed. But I'm serious. Do we appreciate how great this guy is?
1. When he's good, he's very very good, when he's bad...well I'm not sure what I'd be thinking if I'm a White Sox player standing in the batter box with Roger Clemmons on the mound. Is this the day we should just call it quits, pack it up and save our energy for the next game? Or, sweet, it's batting practice! It will be interesting to see which Roger shows up. Traditionally, it seems he'll stink in game one, but then dominate later, either as a starter or in emergency relief.


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