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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

America's Past Pastime

First off, let me just say that I'm not nearly the baseball fan that I used to be. Part of it may have happened when my team signed Alex Rodriguez for more than the GDP of Chile. Part of the disinterest may have come from the fact that the Rangers are still paying part of his salary so he can be the best player on the Yankees. But in reality, I think it's just an issue of exposure. Charity and I are one of the 36 people still in the country that do not have a dish or cable. If you are counting on standard TV to keep you posted on baseball, you are out of the loop. Memo to Bud Selig (who is probably second only to Isiah Thomas in the "Most Incompent Person In Sports Award"): Get games on regular TV before the playoffs and not just while people are watching college football on other stations!

That said, I'm thankful the baseball's postseason. a) The drama is incredible. b) It gives me a chance to post on something other than Rick Warren for a while. (Blast! See you people. You've ruined me. I can't even post about baseball without his name coming up!)

Without further ado...here are my picks. (Warning: Do not go to Vegas with these picks. Wisdom would say to go Vegas with the opposite).

Red Sox over White Sox 3-1
While I do think the White Sox have the pitching edge, they just don't have the big game experience. This team is totally backing their way into the playoffs...I actually found myself hoping the would fall out of the race (and I hate all Cleveland teams!). However, something tells me that Boston was coasting through the season. I think Schilling is at the point in his career where he realizes his body can't handle giving 110% all season. I think he'll really step it up in the post season.

Saint Louis over San Diego 3-1
The Cardinals remind me of the San Antonio Spurs before Ginobili. Dominating, but BORING team. Seriously, Pujols may be one of the greatest players of the century, and no one even cares. But San Diego is just aweful. They were only ONE game from finishing with a .500 record. This is basically a bye round for the Cards, but I think San Diego will eek out one win, since St Louis hasn't played a meaningful game since May 3rd.

Angels over Yankees 3-2
If I'm Bud Selig (which again, I'm glad I'm not) I tell the Angels that if they want to change their name to the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of the United States of America in the Norther Hemisphere of the Third Planet of the Milky Way Galaxy" (or whatever their real name is now) that their entire name must appear on their uniforms. Imagine watching Bartolo Colon pitch in a jersey that has 10 point font written all over the front of it. I have to admit this is more an emotional pick for me. a) I hate the Yankees. b) My brother-in-law, Kenneth, loves the Yankees...making their dimise all the sweeter. c) The Yankees will blame Buck Showalter all off season if they lose to the Angels in a close series...which would make me feel like the Rangers won something this year!

Astros over Braves 3-2
I think this could be the best series of the entire playoffs. Leo Mazzone should go into the Hall of Fame right now. Say whatever you want about Bobby Cox, but the real reason this team wins every year is Leo. The dude turned John Burkett into a 15 game winner years ago! If I'm filing out his resume for the Hall, that's the only thing I'm putting on it. It should make him a first ballet HOFer right there. That said, he's not coaching the likes of Pettite, Clemmons or Oswalt. How do you beat that trio in a five game series? You don't.

Angels over Red Sox 4-2
Call me silly, but I think the Red Sox will be bummed to face the Angels instead of the Yankees, and will come out flat. I also think the Angels are a more rounded team, and will beat the Sox in every aspect.

Astros over Cardinals 4-3
I don't know why, I just don't think the Cards have got it this year. I think Clemmons throws the pitching rubber at Pujols, claiming he thought it was the ball, despite the fact that he had to dig it out of the mound with his own fingers, and will totally get in the Cards heads. I can't say what it is, but something about the Cardinals pitching staff does not make me rest easy. I know it should. But it doesn't.

Astros over Angels 4-1
In what will be one of those "who cares" series, the Astros will finish off the Angels, who find their tank pretty empty. This game is all about who's hot and who's not, and right now, the 'Stos are the hottest in the league. I also predict there will be a grand total of 437 people who will watch all 5 games. Unfortunately, baseball markets itself toward the big market east coast teams. When none of them find themselves in the series, baseball is left without a big draw.

(I'm so glad I'm putting this on cyberspace where my mistakes will be able to be picked apart!)


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger jason said…

    Dude, with as wide as Bartolo Colon is, you could transcribe War and Peace to his jersey and still use at least a 30 point font.

  • At 8:42 AM, Blogger jason said…

    Dude, it looks like your predictions are already outdated; White Sox over Red Sox.

  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    would just like to point out that in the first round, i was 3 for 4.

    in baseball, if i batted .750, i'm looking at getting into the hall in just one season!!!!


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