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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Not the Sharpest Knife...

but if you sign

Jason Williams
Antoine Walker
Gary Payton

shouldn't you expect conflict on your team?

Seriously, if I'm playing the Heat, I place my defender no further out than ten feet from the basket when Williams is pushing it up the court (tempting him to chuck ill-advised threes). I leave Walker open for his first two three point shots so he thinks he is hot and puts them up all night (missing the next 10 or so). And then I sit back and watch Gary Payton destroy team chemistry as adversity sets in.

This team never had a shot, because the greatness of players is assessed by how they respond to adversity. If Chandler isn't hurt too badly, I could see Chicago taking out the Heat.


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    Hey Danny.

    Sorry to co-opt your comment slot. Did you get an email from me recently?




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