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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week Five Review

This week, over at the GOSPEL Journey blog, we tackeled:

Everyone who trust in Jesus alone has eternal life.

That was the theme we dealt with in Week Five of the GOSPEL Journey. In case you missed some of it, here are the questions we dealt with:

What is faith?
Did Jesus make an exclusive claim?
Why faith alone?
Am I arrogant for knowing I'm saved?
Is He a liar, a lunatic or LORD?

But we also wondered how the gospel impacts the following groups of people:

Other religions
Those who've never heard of Jesus
Last second decisions

Next week we'll look at Life that's eternal means being with Jesus forever.

We're also going to have a GOSPEL Journey celebration at our church next Wednesday night, March 22nd. All are invited! (yes, adults too)


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