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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Knocking Off the Rust

I had an incredible time this weekend with the men from Delaware Grace Brethren Church. It was definitely a weekend to knock some rust off...

5. Hoops. These guys love to ball. With the cold weather, I haven't gotten a chance to play much. Fortunately for me, my game has consisted of not being able to shoot, dribble, pass, defend or rebound well. Therefore, I have not missed a step. However, I am very very sore. Muscles ache in my legs that I didn't know existed. But it was a blast playing ball with guys that played hard but no one ceased to glorify God doing it.
4. Joking. While there is something fun about joking with others via email, instant messenger, and the blogosphere, nothing is better than doing it face to face. By 3am I felt I was finally on top of my game, figuring out ways to manipulate a sentance so I could make fun of the Emergent Movement, Willow Creek, John Eldredge and Rick Warren all in one sentance. Of course, doing all this dodging flying cough drops. [Warning: This is only safe with those you would truly consider brothers. Others may get offended rather than firing barbs back.]
3. Retreats. Obviously, returning to church ministry (which I couldn't be more thrilled God has placed me here!) has meant I don't do as many retreats as before. Speaking at a retreat is a whole different animal. I'm not sure how to describe it, other than to say it is probably only about 40% similar to preaching to your own congregation. God has granted me the privilege of speaking in a couple in the last month or so. It is truly humbling to stand in front of a group, knowing you have no right to, and yet share the Word with them.
2. Sleep deprivation. Reading CJ's Humility (that's right, you'll see this book referenced continually until I am convinced that all 4 of my readers have read it), taught me that sleep is even a gift from God. And while I do not believe it is a noble pursuit to avoid sleep, however, there can be valuable lessons when you reach that point. Not since college have I known what it's like to be at the end of your own energy and have to depend on something greater. I pray that the men on the retreat, and my own church on Sunday morning, didn't suffer from my fatigue. I prayed that in God's grace, He would grant me an energy His Word deserves. It was a wonderful reminder of nothing I can do in my own flesh is worthy to present His Word. I pray I keep that urgency even when well rested.
1. Iron. That's right, good old Fe. In this fallen world, iron will naturally get rusty. That's why I find Proverbs 27:17 such a joy. While I may have been the speaker for the retreat, God used these men to sharpen me as well. In God's grace, I pray that I put to action the convictions I felt as a husband, son, father, and servant. I'm grateful for the way God used others in my life.


  • At 11:04 PM, Blogger Gary Underwood said…


    Barely a week has gone by since you spoke at our retreat.

    Just tonight, in our home group, another guy shared some things you said that really impacted him. Challenged him.

    It's happened all week. Guys sharing how your talks and your heart challenged them and helped them rethink a lot of things about their lives.

    Thanks for bringing the TRUTH with passion and love. Just know that your day or overnight with us was well spent for the kingdom. Thanks so much, bro. It's so awesome to see how God's using you in life and in your church (and on your blog), but it was a great blessing to have him use you here in Delaware as well!


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