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Monday, August 15, 2005

Our House Got Diapered!

I still remember hearing Kerri Gephart's story about God's provision. She and her brother were home alone for a weekend; neither had a car. They ran out of toilet paper and prayed for God to provide. That night friends of theirs tp'ed the house. She and her brother went outside and carefully took the paper down. Inadvertently, their need was met by others.

Our youth group, leaders and college students went a step farther last night. I heard some noise outside and turned on the porch light, just to see 50 people or so. Anxious about what may be going down, but also knowing I am way out numbered, I timidly walked out onto our porch. When Charity came outside we found that people went out and bought us a bunch of diapers. No kidding, there are probably 2000 diapers! It was an incredible way for people to show they care, and a huge savings of money for us.

Earlier that day, I was having a conversation about youth ministry with someone. They were asking me how we got the caliber of students we have in our youth ministry. I was arguing from the side that I really have nothing to do with it, we had some amazing youth people dumped in our laps when we moved here. The other person was arguing that the students may have been special, but it's been our youth ministry that has developed them. I appreciated what the person was saying, and didn't want to argue with him too much (after all, he was complimenting me!).

Last night closed the argument to me. I can take zero credit for the things God has done through SHAKE. The students and leaders are just an amazing group of people and it's a privilege to serve with them. It's embarrassing when people compliment me about our young people. I'm always afraid that the families will all move away and I'll be exposed as a fraud; a youth pastor who isn't really that good at ministering to families.

But hey, they're ministering to me! God's using them to provide far more than just our need for diapers.


  • At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Back in my IC days (inner city) we would have Grace Brethrenyouth ministry teams come in to help us and people would ask me the same question, "Where do you get young people like that?" My answer was, "We raise them. Want to know how?" Props go the parents!


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