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Friday, August 05, 2005

NCAA: No Clue About Anything

So the NCAA bans Indian mascots in postseason. (Yes, my lazy slumber of avoiding hyperlinks is over!)

What exactly did they decide?

--No mascots or nicknames that are deemed abusive or hostile on uniforms or other clothing during championships after February 1st.
--At least 18 schools qualify as abusive or hostile.
--North Carolina-Pembroke Braves will not be sanctioned because the student body has historically had a lot of Native Americans in it.
--Schools using Indian nicknames will be banned from hosting postseason events. If they've already been selected to host an event, they will be asked to cover all offensive logos.

What exactly did they decide?

Teams like the Florida State Seminoles, though they have the celebrated endorsement from the Seminole tribe in Florida, will fall under these sanctions. The Illini will also fall under scrutiny, even though the state of Illinois is named after said tribe. Again, "Braves" will be sanctioned in some cases, but deemed appropriate in other cases. A few years ago, the Miami Redskins changed their name due to similar pressure (though not from the NCAA) despite the fact that the mascot "Redskin" was actually in honor of the Redskin tribe in Ohio.

Since Division 1 football does not have a playoff system (there are entire blogs, not just posts, dedicated to that error), the NCAA's sanctions do not apply to their greatest money making sport. They are so passionate about this issue that they failed to find a way to apply it to their biggest sport?

What exactly did they decide?

They decided that the best way to show dignity to a race of people is to take up a cause for them. By saying that the Seminole tribe, the Redskin tribe or even the Illini tribe need their unsolicited help is offensive. In an attempt to honor Native Americans, they actually make the statement that these Indian tribes are too stupid to know they should be offended.

The NCAA now has the ability to discern the intent of words. Isn't it amazing that in an era when people scream "No judging me!" that we have escalated to being able to tell the motive of a person. Ignoring the fact that Brave has somehow been deemed an insult, the NCAA thinks it is now able to handle each mascot on a case by case basis. Because they have some ability to search people's hearts and know whether they are using a term to honor someone or malign them.

Universities aren't even smart. The NCAA doesn't just have to protect Native Americans, but it has to protect universities from their own stupidity too. Because some could be offended, a university could run the risk of being in bad graces with the public. Of course, the university is probably to ignorant to know that, so the NCAA better step in and fix it for them.

What exactly did they decide?

In an era when students fail classes, abuse drugs, gamble on games they play, accept benefits from boosters and leave early to go pro, the NCAA decided they really needed to protect those who don't need it.


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