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Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Chicken and Rice Stuff" for the Soul

I'm typically repulsed by most of the "inspirational" materials that run out there. I've never read the "Chicken Soup" series (which I think are now up to the "Chicken Soup for the Female Teenage Gymnast Electricial's Soul."

However, I was greatly encouraged by my latest encounter with chicken.

Friday night, I arrive home from work to the unusual question of, "What did you put in your blog?" Now ordinarily, Charity isn't too interested in my blog, and her tone suggested I may be in trouble. I quickly ran through my blog thinking if I listed anything embarrassing or dishonoring. I finally gave my typical answer: "Nothing."

Well, whatever you typed, Linda called and said she felt bad. She's bringing us dinner just to say she loves us. Well, the chicken and rice stuff was good to the belly, but even better to my heart. I know our church is not perfect, by any means, but it's definitely doing some things right. God has blessed us with a group of people who "get" the whole shepherding one another thing.

I'm also thankful for our fellowship of churches. Props to Steve (who I feel like I know so much better since he started blogging) for offering to be a listening ear, and to a person in the national fellowship who called to check up on me. It's great to be in a place where guys don't just care about their own stuff, but for other guys too.

I don't know about this "Chicken Soup" comfort books, but I do know that the encouragement I've received this week has a title; the church. It's just the genius of God at work again. Not only is he gracious to us in providing His Son, His Word, His gift of salvation, but even while we're on this planet, He's offered His Church to help us.

It works better than any "inspirational" book, even if you are a teenage female gymnast electrician.


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