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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Elizabeth Pierce Report

The pathology report came in for Elizabeth today. She has a "grade 3" oligodendral glioma. The "grade 3" report is higher than the family had hoped for, but the doctor assured the family, "We can beat it."

Elizabeth will start treatments (probably some combination of chemo and radiation) next week. She will probably receive treatments closer to home and will not have to return to Durham.

Please continue to pray for Elizabeth as she recovers. Her incisions have not healed enough for the staples to be removed, and the swelling still has her left arm responding weakly. Obviously, she needs prayers for strength and recovery as she prepares for treatment.

Also, please continue to pray for the entire Pierce family. Daniel shared that it has been a privilege to watch his son so affectionately care for his ailing bride. It really has been a picture of Christ loving His church. But obviously, Dan could use our continued prayers for strength and encouragement as he cares for Elizabeth and adjusts to fatherhood.

Certainly, keep praying for Daniel and Teressa too. This has been a trying time, but the Lord has sustained. Pray for them as they continue to care for the family and look for ways to serve. Pray also for the Lord's grace to them, as they look toward ministering to their family.


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