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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Pierce Family Info...

If you have not heard about Elizabeth's condition, read here.

I just had a good phone call from Daniel and just want to convey some further information:
    1. The Surgery.
Daniel said surgery is scheduled for Monday, April 30th at 9am. The surgery should last from 4-5 hours. Elizabeth could possibly be bumped by another surgery if a more severe case came along. However, in all likelihood, she will be well into the road to recovery by this time next week.
    2. The Prognosis.
Doctors seem pretty confident that this glioma tumor can be removed successfully. While any procedure involving the brain can be tricky, they are pretty secure that there will be few, if any, complications. However, the doctors have also stated that this kind of tumor usually recurs in a much more aggressive way. They may not be able to treat it the next time it comes, probably years down the road.

However, the family is remaining hopeful and focused on the current situation. Praise God that He has allowed doctors to have skill and technology to treat this condition this time. He is the Great Physician Who does not need the help of doctors. He can certainly cure Elizabeth's condition of His own choosing. Likewise, He could continue to bless doctors and technology in ways that allows medicine to do things they thought impossible a few years from now. (We've seen this happen in our church before.) The family also sees this as a sober reminder that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
    3. The Encouragement
Many in our church participated in an encouragment box sent April 16th. With the surgery being moved to Durham, the box did not catch up with the family until yesterday. However, Daniel stated that the timing could not have been more perfect. The box came just at a time when the family could use the boost and he said it was a tremendous encouragement!

Please continue to keep the family in your prayers and praise God for the comfort He has been providing.


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