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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Elizabeth Pierce Surgery Update

Elizabeth's surgery began early Monday (4/30) and went quicker than expected. The surgery required that Elizabeth have a "horse-shoe shaped" incision on her right side of her head. (The incision was done in such a way that her hair did not have to be shaved, and the longer hair should be able to cover the cut.) Elizabeth was fully sedated during the initial procedure (making the incision and cutting the skull) but was brought out of the sleep for the remainder of the procedure (that way they could continue to monitor her motor skills during the surgery). The doctor did not remove all of the tumor. It was not expected that he would, for removing all of the tumor could risk damage to the brain.

However, the doctor was pleased with the procedure. He speculated that it is an oligodendral glioma (which is preferred) and not a lymphoma glioma. He also rated the tumor as a "low grade" tumor. Of course, all of this is just the doctor's initial observations and is completely speculative. More answers should be available by Thursday's pathology report. Update: The pathology report has not come to the family yet. They have been assured this is not a bad sign, but obviously the delay only adds to stress and tension. Please continue to pray for the family, especially as they wait for answers.

Elizabeth has now been released from ICU and is recovering. She is dealing with some swelling and pain from the procedure...both are normal. Please continue to pray for her recovery and for strength for the entire family. I would encourage you to pray these next couple days will be restful for the family.


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