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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Elizabeth Pierce and Fred Meyers

There just isn't a lot to report right now. The pathology report has still not come in, and this is obviously frustrating for the family. Please pray for continued peace and comfort for the family as they wait. Elizabeth was to have her staples removed yesterday, but the doctor opted to leave them in a couple more days to allow the incision to heal even more. She is still dealing with a lot of swelling and has limited strength in her left arm. Please continue to pray for rest, strength, peace and comfort for all the family.

Fred is a former student from my youth group who was serving our country in Iraq. Fred was shot in the head by a sniper last week, but has survived. He is currently in Germany where he has been placed in a drug induced coma until the swelling goes down. Jess (his wife) was able to get into Germany, and Fred's parents are in route as I type this.

I praise God for Fred and Jessi's professions of faith while they were in our youth group. Please pray for the Lord's comfort and healing touch to this young man. He and Jess have spent most of their married life with him serving across the globe.


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