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Friday, March 09, 2007

More Meat for the Caribou

As a good Brethren, we do everything in threes. I've been fed thrice today...

I got to meet a godly man who cares deeply about the Lord and our fellowship

I got to eat some great meat (twice)


1-3 John by John MacArthur
The Truth War by John MacArthur
Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary (leatherbound)
The Second Coming by John MacArthur
Why We Believe the Bible is True (DVD) by John MacArthur
Acts by James Montgomery Boice
Foundations of Grace by Steve Lawson
The Expository Genius of John Calvin by Steve Lawson
Meet the Puritans by Beeke & Pederson
Assured by God by Burk Parsons
For the Sake of His Name by David Doran
Life in the Body of Christ by Curtis Thomas
A Method for Prayer by Matthew Henry
What Jesus Demands from the World by John Piper

Total Retail Value (not calculating two new resources): $251.53


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