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Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm an Idiot

I was sent this email from a friend:

and I fell for it...hook, line and sinker.

You can see my embarrassing response (to the fine people at Shepherds, none the less) in the comment section.

Why would I post this?

    1. Because David got me good. He should be proud of his work, a serious work of art and great prank.
    2. Speaking of Pride. I got a pretty cool compliment from my dad this week. Kind of had me riding high for a while. It's good that I get knocked down a peg.
    3. James 1:19. You can hold me accountable as to whether I am being slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen. I blew it this time.

But David, slow to respond to you only means I get more time to think how to get you back!


  • At 8:41 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    here was my unfortunate response:


    i have not attended the shepherds' conference before. this will be my first year there. i greatly appreciate the ministry of john macarthur and am a blogger, so that means i'm familiar with (and love) phil johnson as well.

    that is why i offer my perspective humbly and simply say these are the thoughts of a rural midwest pastor after receiving the "important announcement" email.

    to be honest. i'm a bit disappointed. not because i have to wear a suit now (to enjoy the conference "live" rather than video images), but because i just wish it wasn't an issue. it seems like there are such greater issues that gty and grace community church are known for that how people dress seems like such a flimsy and materialistic issue to regard. perhaps i'm over reacting, but allow me to share some of my thoughts from the email i received:

    luke 14:7-11--i'm a little unclear about the reference. are you giving the illustration as the conference is the banquet host and you will be calling those in suits to sit in a better place while sending casual folks to the end of the table? if so, i struggle to see that you'd want to present yourself in that light. however, possibly you are saying that you hated the running and clamoring to the sanctuary seating and are trying to eliminate that. if so, i understand. but i think there could be better options.

    "thus demonstrating their distinct regard for worship." by wearing a suit? our poor brothers around the globe who do not wear coats and ties. do they realize their lack of regard for worship? i was at together for the gospel. it was one of the most amazing conferences i have ever been to. the sessions seemed very God honoring to me, and it appeared there was a high regard for worship there. many of the men there were business casual. again, i've never been to shepherd's, but i struggle to believe there is a higher regard for worship than there was in louisville. (speaking of which, mark dever, who i believe exibits a distinct regard for worship would not be permitted in your sanctuary if he dressed the same as he did as the host of together for the gospel?)

    "casually minded." to be consistent, shouldn't it just say "casually dressed?" hopefully, your not assuming a person in business casual attire views God with a more casual attitude than the man dressed up? at nearly every awards ceremony in hollywood, highly dressed people gather together and even speak of God (in their thank you's) yet they seem to have a pretty casual attitude toward the Almighty. I hope you're not making the leap of a man's attitude toward God based on his modest clothing.

    "kingdom of priests" i can not see any connection for this passage with attire? if you want to be consistent with that, we should probably all attend in robes. i've read and reread revelation 1 and i don't see what clothing has to do with what is shared there.

    again, i'm pretty new to the attire issue. it seems to me to be drawing a line in the sand that is unnecessary. to be honest, this email reminded me more of james 2:1-7 than it does any reference listed. it seems to me that you will be making the error of looking at the outward appearance of man to assess the inward regard for worship. this seems like dangerous territory.

    frankly, if i did not have so much respect for your ministry, i'd be very concerned. but trusting the men involved with macarthur, i am trusting that as you guys receive response emails about this issue (i'm sure you'll receive more), you'll prayerfully make sure your motives are pure in this decision. if you keep this policy, i'll show up in my suit and hope i don't spill sauce from "in-n-out" on it.

    [if the decision was motivated simply in a way to alleviate the overcrowding problem in the auditorium...could i suggest what i think is a more "servant driven approach?" with nine general sessions, could each attender be asked to sit in the auditorium 2-3 times during the conference? you could even probably add a "thank you incentive" that really would cost much, like a few mp3 downloads or something. (perhaps i'm just being greedy, hoping to get more downloads.)]

    i am greatly looking forward to the conference,
    Danny Wright

  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger TheReformedThinker said…

    He got me too. When I got it I sent it to him saying that and I quote "Danny is going to flip when he sees this." Apparently I was right. I even called my wife and told her I was going to have to buy an actual suit or two. She then called her mother and told her...

    But man, this is one for the ages.

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

    WOW, what a stress reliever! You're a good sport, Danny.

    But I wil take your advice and "sleep with both eyes open."


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