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Friday, January 05, 2007

So Long Srgt Slaughter

Rumor has it that Bill Cowher is retiring today. Cowher accumulated a 161-99-1 record (including playoffs), including two Super Bowl appearances and a Championship during his 15 seasons. In my opinion, Cowher gave Steeler fans a great legacy and we have nothing to complain about. (Of course, part of that legacy--a major part--is due to the Rooney's and that stability they create. They stuck with Cowher through some lean years and it paid off.)

However, there are three things I'd like to ask of Cowher:

1. Enjoy your family.
Reportedly, a major factor in Cowher's decision was time to spend with his wife and daughters. Sadly, many sports figures claim they want to spend time with their family, but once given that opportunity, they almost appear to not know what to do. Take your time getting in the booth (where I think he'll be great) and decline some public speaking opportunities. Enjoy some time with the wife and kids in Raleigh.

2. Stay away from NFL Coaching.
Cowher is a winner, but a large part of his legacy is the stability. The Rooneys took a shot with Cowher after another sucessful coach (Noll). They stuck with Cowher during some lean years. The Steelers developed the personality of their coach and Cowher should only be seen in the black and gold. When he enters the Hall of Fame, there should be no conflict about which team he represents. You're a life long Steeler, Bill. Please keep it that way.

3. Use your retirement for the Lord.
Honestly, I have no idea if Cowher is saved. If not, I pray this time away from the game will cause him to see there are issues much more important than football. Perhaps this break will cause him to consider his soul. If he is saved, I pray that he sees his financial stability allows him to serve Christ with little restriction (something I wish more retired people would realize). However, if you do ever preach, Bill, please be aware you have a slight spitting problem when you get excited. You may want to give the people in the pew a little space (or a poncho).

Whatever Cowher decides, his time with the Steelers flies in the face of our instant gratification society and shows that consistency/stability far out weigh knee jerk decisions.


  • At 5:16 PM, Blogger TheReformedThinker said…

    You know what I find amazing....within hours of the buckeye's defeating my wolverines you make some post about the win. But when your buckeye's lay a HUGE goose egg ---- not a peep from you.

    Your heisman trophey winner looked like a scared rookie out there. You should be more ashamed of your buckeye's than I am of my wolverines. Your performance actually made Michigan's bowl performance look ok.

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger Gary Underwood said…

    Actually, the best recommendation for Cowher would be to take the Browns' head coaching job.


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