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Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Slumps

Anyone familiar with blogs knows there is a period when you can't write enough...everything that happens around you presents topics, people connect well with what you are writing and you find the process enjoyable. However, there are also times when life seems a little mundane, things seem confusing no matter how you write them, and your hobby just becomes more laborious than you first expected. Add to that critiques/comments you receive from others, and sometimes you just don't feel like writing.

I'm in one of those phases.

Carnivorous Caribou isn't going anywhere, I'll get back to posting. But it may not be right away. In case you're keeping score here are some reasons for my blog abscense:

The holidays. We've been having a blast with our kids this season. By far, this has been the most enjoyable Christmas in my brief tenure as a father. There have been far too many memorable moments with family and friends to have my face buried in a laptop.

My Mother. We had a bit of a scare the week before Christmas as she underwent a serious procedure due to concerns about cancer. Praise God the surgery went very well, and the results were non-cancerous! (Of course, we'd praise God had the results been different too.)

Lots of Discouragment. There is just a lot in Christendom that has me down right now. Not here at Grace, but more general things, visible across our national landscape. Quite honestly, it's made me rather cynical/critical recently. I've posted before that I don't want to become "that guy," so I thought it best not to comment at all.

Shopping. I do have one cool post (in my humble opinion) coming that compares a recent shopping experience with the "corporate church worship experience." I still want to produce the post, but so far, it's not coming out right. Can you get writer's block if you're really not that good of a writer anyway?

Comments. Not here on the blog, but a couple of comments outside of the blog just discourage me. I'm weak, I'm frail, and I let people's opinions sway me far too often. But I plan to learn from those comments, adapt and hopefully do better than ever.

New Blog Coming. Blogger updated their system and claims to offer some pretty cool things. To be honest, I have no idea what they even mean by some of their functions, so I want to play around a little and see what I can do. In the meantime, I working on a new blog concept that I can't wait to develop. It's more driven by the Text, and I hope it will be edifying.

I John. It's not too early to be thinking about next fall's preaching series, and since we'll be in I/II/III John, I've been reading through it a lot. I have this vision that the children could be learning the same thing as mom and dad in the service, we'll see how that goes. But until then, I'm having a blast studying I John. (It's very hard to preach Joshua and not want to make many cross references to I John in the process. I have to save that for later!)

Pharisees. Believe it or not, I've been studying the pharisees lately. I'm nearly finished examining every passage in Scripture that refers to the pharisees or where Jesus interacts with them. I'm starting to compile the observations and finding many correlations to our culture. I've had less time to blog because this has taken up more time as well.

I still desire that the function of this blog be that it honor and glorify Christ. Like it's a good idea to regularly take inventory of our life, I'm running inventory of this blog.

Semper Reformanda!



  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger ~d said…

    "Can you get writer's block if you're really not that good of a writer anyway?"

    i hope so. i sometimes feel the same way. when i found out over the Thanksgiving holidays that most of my family reads my blog because they like knowing what's going on over here, i felt pressure to write even when i didn't have much to say.

    so sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it's a burden.

    i always read your blog, but don't usually feel smart enough or informed enough to comment :)


  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

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  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

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  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

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  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

    I'M SORRY for trashing the comments above. Hyperlinks are not working the same way on Blogger as they used to, then I made a spelling mistake.

    Blog slumps are OK. We could hope the slumps are a testimony that some of us 'read, listen and think' more than we 'write, talk, and espouse'.

    For me, blogging is a personal vent counteracting the discouragement I derive from the Christian landscape, as you observed, and I stopped apologizing for the venting last Spring when I had dozens of unknown people at the OGBB annual meeting all come up to me and thank me for the writing. I had no idea God was using anything I wrote for a real, convicting purpose, let alone among those who are not technologically driven.

    Is blogging critical much of the time? Yes. Just like steering a car is critical. Course correction is part of "critiquing the road" and it causes friction. Friction wears out the tires, but it must be done nonetheless. The challenge is to be immersed in the Word of God, filled with the Spirit, praying constantly and being prayed for constantly. Then you won't become "that guy".

    The offline comments are discouraging. Like this one I got on my post about Job's friends a few weeks ago. Not a shred of insight, not a single salient sentence from an ordained pastor who is over 70 years old. It was a struggle not to post the e-mail in the blog as the perfect example of Job's querulous advisors, and as a prooftext to my whole argument in the first place about elders who offer precious little spiritual leadership at a level above Gerber Christianity.

    People who can't take an hour and post their own thoughts but want to comment from behind he curtain are the real cynics. They give voice where no one else knows they've said anything or can even counter them.

    Ooops. This is your blog. I'd better stop typing. :)

  • At 4:14 PM, Blogger Charity said…

    I'm sorry for all the comments I've made about wanting to throw your computer in front of a large moving vehicle. :-D

    You have a good thing going here and I think you should keep it up. But I can't tell you how much the extra family time has meant to me. This Christmas has been good. I love you!

  • At 9:14 PM, Blogger TheReformedThinker said…

    Breaks are perfectly fine...just remember that there are those of us who check multiple times a day for updates.

  • At 6:52 AM, Blogger Looking Upward said…

    I'm with The Reformed Thinker...

    Keep your face toward God for the renewed inspiration to get back to the keyboard.

    I also struggle with blogging, but have met some of my favorite people in life through this venue.

    May I go on record as one that 'encourages' you.

    Till He comes,
    Look Upward
    (just don't step on a rake, while walking around looking up...)


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