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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I a Moron?

Reasons why I don't think it's terrible for you to think so:

1. Compared to God, moron is giving me far too much credit. Even "His folly" greatly surpasses my wisdom. (I Corinthians 1:18-31)
2. The cross is foolishness. Ultimately, it's wise to be a fool, at least in the world's eyes. If I am diligent about preaching Christ crucified, I will be considered a fool. (I Corinthians 3:18-20)
3. As a pastor, it reminds people of the perspicuity of Scripture. Yes, there are parts of Scripture which are difficult to figure out, but as a whole, most of Scripture is clearly articulated so that the learned and unlearned can grow in it when applying practical principles. I do not stand up to preach because I have my own wisdom, or even because of a degree. I preach because God's Word is wise and quite clear. (For a better statement about this, read Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter 1 (Holy Scriptures), Article VII).
4. It helps me laugh. Ocassionaly, it's good to do things that just don't make a lot of sense. A great way to spot when my pride is getting the best of me is to assess whether I'm willing to still laugh at myself. Sometimes, it's a bit theapuetic to do something that appears pointless or absurd.
5. It curbs my pride...some. I am a very arrogant man. If left to myself, I would regularly try to move the spotlight off of God and focused on me. Laying my weaknesses (including intellect) in front of people is a way to be held accountable. I can't demand praise for myself when those around me are far too familiar with what a bafoon I can be.

Reasons I hope you don't think I am:

1. God's wisdom is full of character. Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. That list is even a humble reminder of how much wisdom I lack, but I'm praying by the grace of God, that more and more of that kind of wisdom becomes evident in my life.
2. Wisdom values the Word. Wisdom means we not only value the Word and hear it, but the wise one obeys the Word too. Any wisdom people would see in me, I pray comes as an acknowledgement that I honor God's Word, in word and deed.
3. It can be hard to lead. If God has placed a person in leadership, it can be hard to lead others if they think you are an idiot. People are not going to entrust what they care about to you, if they think you will just handle it whimsically.

In the end, I guess I would say that Danny Wright is a total idiot. However, by the grace of God, He has stepped in and placed His wisdom within me. I do hope you see me as wise, but not because I have attained it. Rather, I hope it is a display that He who began a good work in me is carrying it on to completion.


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