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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Almuerzo Loco

We decided to run to Steve and Barry's (a must shop for college sports fans). I picked up two sweet hats, one Duke, and one OSU. (That's not a bandwagon thing, remember, this is the "Year of the Bou".

Anyway, after the purchases, we decided to grab lunch at a restaurant. My wife isn't usually too anxious to eat out, so I knew I better pounce on the opportunity. I suggested Mexican, since it wouldn't be fast food, but is typically cheap.

The solution: El Sombrero. Little did we know it would include entertainment.

First, my oldest began to protest when I told her El Sombrero meant "the hat." Last time we ate Mexican with the kids, I tried to force her to eat a taco that was way too spicy, so I thought that might be why she was upset. After a little conversation, however, I realized she was upset because she thought we were going to eat a hat. Gotta love the literal mind of a child.

Second, my youngest decided to grab my wife's plate just after the waiter informed her it was quite hot. That will teach our 5 month old not to listen!

And not to be outdone, our son immediately grabed the window curtain and brought it down. When it was time to go, perhaps inspired by the Olympics, he decided to show the entire restaurant his skills in the 100 meter dash.

We finally gathered them together and strapped them all in the car. As we pulled away, I saw a crew of three reconstructing the "danger zone" that was our table. We left a good tip, so I hope that made up for it.

I think I've finally learned to relax a little when we're at a restaurant with the kids (as long as they aren't ruining meals for others). It may have made for a crazy lunch, but what should I expect? It may not be sane, but it is a good time.


  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger Gary Underwood said…

    Kids rule.

    Parents drool.

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger ~d said…

    ah, you're making memories!
    good for you!
    and your children are learning spanish!
    that makes me very happy:)


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