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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Riding the Wave

We had an incredible time at SHAKE last night. Probably because I did very little speaking, and Jason, and band (great solo job on acoustic, Jansen) carried the evening. We're entering into a series of weeks that should be even more evangelistically focused than usual. The evening laid a great foundation of prayer for the next few weeks to come.

But prayers began to be answered that night.

I could tell you. Or I could let a few students. (I decided not to hyperlink, to protect some of their privacy. These quotes were found on their blogs, so I guess they are public.)

Before last night, from a student who's been quite involved in SHAKE:

"I realized that i do not do enough daily to show Jesus to others. Just acting differently from everyone else and not partying...etc. isn't enough. I really need to do better about sharing my faith with others."

Well, our worship ends and I see this student, along with a girl that has been visiting for some time but wasn't sure if she agreed with what we are about, sitting in our narthex with their Bibles open.

This was her explanation of the night:

"Wow! I'm so excited tonight. I accepted Christ into my life! I just want to tell everyone. I want to wear a sign that says, I accepted Christ, you should too. I am so grateful to M (protecting identity again). She helped me through it, and I was her first. It was so powerful. She is so great. She also told me that a bunch of the SHAKE kids had been praying for me. Thank you all so much. I just can't express everything I'm feeling. I feel on top of the world. I have this new family of great people and I love them all! Not to mention this great new growing relationship with God. Yea for me!"

If this student was the only soul I got to see saved in my lifetime, it would all be worth it. Heaven stopped last night to take notice and celebrate what happened. I don't know how to explain this, but I think last night was only the beginning. In my three and a half years here, it seems that we've seen people trust their lives to Christ in waves. I"m holding on tight, ready for the fun of riding this wave.

Please pray for the youth group in the following ways:

1) Our new sister in Christ as she grows in her walk.
2) Our new brother in Christ who understood the gospel for the first time last weekend.
3) Our Super Bowl Party. That students come and are prepared to hear the gospel message.
4) The G.O.S.P.E.L. Journey. We're going to be doing a really cool Video Curriculum that should be great for students to bring their friends to hear the gospel. (I hate curriculum, yet I am using this in two formats consecutively. If you are a pastor, go get it.)
5). That our students are prepared to do the discipleship and equipping of their friends as they come to Christ.

I have the coolest job in the world.

(But before you think my students are perfect. I went outside after a great night, only to find that the girl who got to share her faith, and an accomplice, put "#1 Bengals fan" on my truck window. Obviously, our students battle, and sometimes lose, to the flesh.)


  • At 10:28 PM, Anonymous brian said…

    Great to hear, Danny. Beautiful.
    God bless

  • At 11:02 PM, Anonymous matt said…

    im glad to hear about all the good things going on in shake.

  • At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HAHA! You can't blame lindsey...I am responsible for it...(i really liked the "who dey" touch too:)

    Yeah it was so cool to see C accept Christ right there in front of me! I mean, she isnt the first person iv'e ever shared with, but she's the first person that iv'e shared with and see something happen right there with me...it was sooo neat. I was so excited that the next day i gathered a couple of christian cd's that i had laying around and a book called "know what you believe" and a pretty little journal and gave it to her on thursday!


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