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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

SFL--Week 1

If you don't care about fantasy football, don't bother with this post. If you like fantasy football or are in our league and would like to talk some smack...here's your chance (just click the world "comments" at the end, and leave your thoughts!). Here's what happened in week one of the Shake Football League

Black Conference

Bee Stings 86.44
Attack of the Llamas 72.66

Knowing he would be outcoached, Jordan Fisher had to hope his players would perform to their maximum level. Coach Wright toyed with the Llamas, keeping the score close till the last night. Ordinarily, you would think a team left in the hands of Donovan McNabb (8.14 points) will do fine. But Wright had the Falcon (13 points) defense flying around the ball Monday night, ensuring the victory, but keeping the score close enough to not fully show his hand.

Deaf Pears 72.41
Fighting Amish 70.84

A last minute plea from mercy from Kory's sister didn't seem to convince Zach to let up on the Amish. But should they face one another again, Kory now knows he may get better results if he has Katie call, instead of Leah. The Pears march to victory, led by Jason Elam's whopping 1 point (which outscored the sure-footed Vinatieri who had -4 points).

the Real Finch 84.26
Terrell's Sharpies 74.39

Getting her shots thrown back in her face, by her youth pastor, during pickup basketball at youth group this summer taught CJ that defense matters. She remembered that principle as she faced the Sharpies...her Pittsburgh defense (16 points) outshining the much bally-hooed Carolina Defense (5 points).

Goodasgoldfinches 91.62
Great Danes 83.64

Keeping that bizarre Finch tradition alive (the one where they try to make an entire sentence out of their team name), Todd had his team ready to play. Every owner is nervous when the are matched up against Peyton Manning (21.78), but Todd matched every punch with Kerry Collins (24.20).

Red Conference

Fabulous Muscles 92.58
Bradshaws Bloggers 77.58

Ty came out and flexed his muscle in week one, led by Aaron Brooks 6.64 points. How is a quarterback who scores less than 7 points considered leading his team to victory? When the QB he matched up against (Culpepper) scored -1.54. Bradshaw, however, obviously has the best talent in the conference, and simply needs to work out some chemistry issues. After the game, Jason stated, "We just wanted to make sure we didn't come out in week one and peak too early. I think we kept from having that happen tonight."

Dereks Derelicts 83.87
Graceful Gorillas 71.59

Derek was so confident that his team would perform well, that he took off for Missouri with his new bride. Many owners questioned whether leaving Keyshawn Johnson in charge of the team during his absence was a wise move. But Johnson responded (16.25) outperforming Monty's Marvin Harrison (10.65). After the game, Keyshawn had some very confident things to say that were peppered with all kinds of expletives, some even invented, that prevent us from posting his comments.

The Great Dawgs 115.22
AJ's Wildcats 51.98

Chris was obviously overlooking this week, thinking ahead in the schedule. Said Chris, "I kept hearing during the draft that Dick was a huge Browns fan. I just assumed that meant he didn't know football. I admit, I thought I could coast this week. It won't happen again." You're right, Chris, Dick doesn't know football. But he knows fantasy football. He knew that if he wants to win, he needs to steer clear of any Browns players and ride the coattails of the Steeler Defense (16 points, to Denver's 3 points).

Galloping Greyhounds 100.02
Jones Cyclones 76.28

In week one, Gregg's Greyhounds have probably already won more games than his alma mater will (Dixie HS). Riding Corey Dillon's second half performance (21.65 points) the Hounds pulled away from the Cyclones' Dominick Davis (5.98 points). Of course, starting next week, Davis will continue to suffer ridiculous injuries that will have him in and out of the lineup.

Hope this update helps all of you guys know what's happening in each of the conferences. Let the smack talk begin!!!!


  • At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Great summary. Very funny, especially Chris's comments. Look forward to next week's recap.


  • At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    danny i know that you just want to SOUND good but you'll actually have to play well in the game that i play you.
    basketball and fantasy football.

    -not very anonymous

  • At 7:38 AM, Anonymous ~d said…

    gotta love those finches!!

  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger Gary Underwood said…

    We're all just biding our time, waiting for Bou to write about the Bou. Good to read your fun stuff in the meantime, bro.


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