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Friday, August 26, 2005

Blog Facelift

I made a couple changes to the blog the other day. A few reasons:

1. I was bored with the old look and hope that shallow, visual things will fool you into thinking I have something new or worthwhile to say.
2. We are close to the OSU season, and should all make our blogs match the occassion. (Not promising anything, but last time we had a child in August, the Buckeyes went undefeated!)
3. My links were inefficient.

I was sick of the whole "Links" section being so generic. Really, if you are bored, read my blog. If you are looking for something helpful, go to the sidebar and read other people's words. A breakdown of what these sections mean.

"People I Know and Respect"

Kind of self-explanitory. These are people that I know well who have blogs of their own. I don't always agree with them (I'm sure they'd say the same about me), but I do respect them (I hope they'd say the same for me.) Most of their blogs match their personalities well, so there's no guarantee what you may be reading from them.

(I guess that heading scares me some. It is not an all inclusive list. There are plenty more people I respect who are not listed in that section)

"People I Don't Know but Respect"

These are guys I go to a lot to check my own thinking. Again, I don't necessarily agree with everything they say (but most!). But I respect their ministries and I appreciate what I've read so far. Check them out, and we can talk sometime about whether you agree that they should be listed here or not. If you are wondering why I come at things from a certain perspective, odds are, you're giong to find it was influenced by the Biblical discussion one of these guys was having.

"When I Grow Up, I Want to Preach Like"

Man I love my ipod! I've never heard so many great sermons until I got that thing. Now I can download sermons, interviews and Bible classes and listen to them any time. I don't list these guys because I want to emulate their presentation style (though some of them are quite good) but rather their hermenutic and expository skills. THESE GUYS CAN EXEGETE! And if I'm not doing that, I'm wasting my church's time.

(Again, not an all inclusive list. I would pray that me and some of my friends would be considered expositors as well. I know there are plenty of guys out there [though fewer than their should be] that I did not list).

"Other Helpful Sites"

uh, enough said.

Hopefully, this will make my blog more beneficial to you. It may mean you are spending less time reading what I wrote, and more time reading from others, buy hey, that probably means you're growing!


  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger Jeremy Bear said…

    Don't you love the smell of new paint on the walls? It really is lovely in here. My own tired design has been hanging around for (gulp) nearly three years, I think it's time I revisited my site's feng shui.

    I like the link list. Although I'll have to admit that, depending on how mouthy I become, you might need to create a new category: "People I Know."


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