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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Pod Spotting"

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to the White Horse Inn. This season is entitled "Christless Christianity."

Michael Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, Kim Riddlebarger and Ken Jones discuss the evangelical phenomena of "assuming the gospel." In the first three episodes this year they paint a picture of American Christianity that looks eerily like some organizations I know. Check out the descriptions of their first three episodes:
Countless sermons in churches across the country focus on moralistic concerns and personal transformation. But has Christ gotten lost in the shuffle? Have we inverted Paul's warnings by intentionally preaching ourselves, and not Christ crucified? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts introduce the new theme for 2008: Christless Christianity!
Many Christian leaders today point to Jesus as a good moral guide (WWJD), an inspirational figure of self-sacrifice, or one who resolves our problem with loneliness. And in doing so, these shepherds have managed to avoid one of the most central teachings of the entire Bible; namely Jesus' atoning sacrifice for sinners.
Why is Joel Osteen so popular? Is he a faithful representative of the Christian faith, or is his message more about self-help and personal motivation? On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will examine the theology of this bestselling author as they continue their series "Christless Christianity."
What is humbling as you listen to these podcasts are that they show it is not just a message the radical extremes (like Osteen) or the Mainline Denominations need to hear, but it is a reminder to every church...The moment you begin to assume the gospel message for your listeners, you have begun the process of denial.

I'd encourage you to subscribe to the podcast. (Did I mention it's free?)


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