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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ageless Gospel

Our elder team is beginning to walk through Romans. (Hopefully, going through chapters 6 & 7 will help me get my hands around the sanctification issue a little better). This quote came from McClain's Commentary:
Paul, on the first mention of the gospel of God in that book of Romans, hastens to add that this gospel is no novelty. It is as old as the universe, "promised before," long before the apostle sat down to explain it. Paul demonstrates this to be a fact throughout the Roman epistle by quoting constantly from the Old Testament, sixty-one times altogether...Besides these sixty-one quotations, the book is full of indirect allusions to Old Testament history, type, and doctrine. Truly the gospel of God was "promised afore in the Holy Scriptures"! Only eyes closed by willful blindness could fail to see this.--p37
Our church finishes the book of Joshua next Sunday. It has been a remarkable blessing to see the gospel in each account in this Old Testament book. I hope our people have seen that this book is about Yeshua, just not the one who immediately succeeded Moses.


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger ~d said…

    it has been a wonderful study! do we get to dive into 1 John next? i've already started and can't see how you can teach on more than about 2-3 verses at a time....if that many!


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