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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hear the Word of the Lord

Recently, I've been restudying 2 Chronicles 18:1-19:3. It's an amazing passage regarding the word of the Lord and His sovereign working in all things.

I'd encourage you to first check out the passage, and check out my commentary at Perspicuous Perspectives if you like. Then answer these questions:
    1. Am I an Ahab?
That wouldn't be good. Not only was he pretty wicked, he was quite foolish. He surrounded himself with people who said what he wanted to hear, and it enticed him to ignore the one who spoke truth...thus getting himself killed.
    2. Am I a Jehoshaphat?
Though a pretty good king, I never noticed until this most recent study...he messed up big time in this incident. Why would he go to battle? Why would he align with Ahab? Why would he partner with evil? Why wouldn't he defend truth?
    3. Am I a Zedekiah?
Not only was the prophet wrong, he was so shameful about it that he maligned and mocked a real prophet. He may have been creative and may have been saying what his audience wanted to hear, but he was proven dreadfully wrong in the end.
    4. Am I one of the 400 other prophets?
Though not as bold as Zedekiah, am I willing to allow approval and majority voice to sway me?
    5. Am I Micaiah?
I pray that this is the man I imitate.


  • At 5:26 PM, Blogger BReformed said…

    Excellent study. The comment about Jehoshaphat caught my eye because we studied 2 Chronicles 20 last Sunday morning. He was evidently growing spiritually throughout his 25 year reign, even though Israel's heart was not changed.

  • At 10:18 PM, Blogger mark said…

    Hey man thanks for swinging by my "new" blog. I am new to the ministry blog game so I will be watching and taking notes.


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