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Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend Update

Just some quick thoughts for the weekend, before I resume my series next week:
    1. Crickets--Speaking of the series, There's been relative silence this time around (email and comments). Is this because I'm so far off based ECM fans don't know how to respond? Is it that I have angered them to the point of no response? Did they quit coming to this blog a long time ago? (most likely). Either way, I think addressing these topics with the Word is the best way to truly start the conversation. Hopefully, I am handling the Word properly.
    2. Sad state of the World--While I'm not sure I would label this as persecution, it shows the world emnity with Christ. At the least, it should get the attention of all good brethren. (David received the same email from Joy and commented on it at his site.)
    3. Sad state of the Church--The Dunker Journal is trying to counter this, but they received this letter last year: "I appreciate receiving the BRF Witness even though my perspective on the Bible is much different from yours. I believe the Bible is no more or less than the words of the writers. Those words were never intended to be taken as the words of God, or to be taken as infallible, but are the writers' witness to the truth of God as they understood it. God is love and love takes precedence over truth." I mourn to think the writer of the letter was probably a pastor or the person sits under a pastor who teaches this rubish. (How in the world can we place truth and love in opposition to each other?)
    4. My NCAA Bracket is Dead.--That's what happens when you have Duke in the final. At least I beat Matt!
    5. Jack Baurer is dead.--At least he is in my house. After being challenged by a friend and also by a loved one, I decided there were more redeeming ways to spend my time. It's not really a sacrifice, for there are plenty of other things I enjoy. (By the way, I'm wondering if since I have quit watching "24," is this loved one now willing to quit letting the filth from Oprah, Dr. Phil and daytime soaps into their home?)
    6. Cast of "Lost" is dead.--That's my theory. I've only watched the show five or six times (QT loves it), but I think I figured it out. All of these people died in the crash. Kate, Jack, John, Sawyer, et al are just living out an afterlife experience. It's their chance to show whether they are redeemable or not. It's not remotely Christian, but it is new agey and makes for a challenging storyline. My theory: It's some sort of "Sixth Sense" type of thing.
    Updated Item 6b: Speaking of dead--Brian Orme has decided to shut down his blog. I'm not sure if he'll be deleting it or not, so you may want to check it out.
    7. This stuff is cool!--Of course, growing up a "car guy," I never got to play with this stuff. Tons of Rain + basement = learning about new stuff.
    8. Joshua commentary--I was challenged to put my sermons into written form. I'm working on the book of Joshua currently. This week, I posted Joshua 10:1-15 and Joshua 12:1-24. It takes a long time, but I love doing it. This may have become my new hobby.
    9. For Sale--We're selling our '94 Ford Explorer. It's purple, was called "Dora" and has 184,000 miles. It runs great, we've just run out of seats. (It's been owned by two pastors consecutively, if that doesn't scare you away!). $1500 o.b.o.
That's it for the weekend. If you'll excuse me, some ABC executives are knocking on my door to silence me!


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger ~d said…

    your "quick thoughts" would take me an hour to think through and write.

    i, too, gave up "24" but for a different reason. it just grossed me out this season. too much torture. and then there's the story line that gets more and more far-fetched. i gave it three weeks, then opted for an extra hour of sleep instead.

    as for the NCAA bracket....i don't fill one out, but if i had, i'd have optimistically chosen ohio state (why not?) and therefore still be alive. not that it matters one hoot.

    have fun with the kids.

    good luck selling dora.

  • At 10:19 PM, Blogger TheReformedThinker said…

    Since you are doing a best offer for Dora, I will give you $50.00 so if you don't get anything better than that let me know.

  • At 10:24 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    unfortunately for you, QT just offered $51.

    sorry, you were outbid.


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