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Friday, August 04, 2006

Vic Young Interview Recap

A few weeks ago, Vic sent every registered active pastor in the FGBC the paper he is presenting to Oxford. (I reviewed his paper here). The day before BNYC, I called Vic and interviewed him. Then, I posted the interviews during our national conference.

Therefore, here's a recap of the interviews:

Vic's conversion and the beginnings of Fountain of Life
Faith and Reason Defined
Reason in the Modern Church
Reason in the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches

Lest anyone think that Vic is actually me, I also asked him this question:

CC: Do you primarily preach expository messages, or do you tend to preach topically?


I was just asked that this past week. On Sunday mornings, I basically do topical. The reason being, there are so many things that relevant in our society and I like to address them from a Biblical perspective. But on Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights, I do expository, exegetical preaching.

So there you have it, Vic and I are not cloned from the same cell, but we clearly are brothers.


  • At 1:22 PM, Blogger Brad said…

    Vic seems like a real gift to the FGBC. I hope his thoughts are received kindly.


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