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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can't See Me, But I'm Here

This is the week we move into our new church building. Almost all of my office is in boxes and the internet has left the building (our old rental building, that is). For some odd reason, I can receive emails but can't send them consistently right now. Therefore, I'll be on some, but probably not regularly.

However, in the meantime, please think of us in the following ways:

1. Still waiting to hear about Mom's test results. The biopsies were successful, however, the doctor went on vacation, so we are still waiting to hear the results. Doctor thought things looked good though.
2. We may be making some offers on a couple houses soon. We love our current house, but have outgrown it a bit. We just want to use what we've got to His glory and don't want to get greedy. Pray for contentment for us, regardless of the outcome.
3. Speaking of buildings. With Greenville Grace moving into our new building this Sunday, we could use your prayers...
a) That the building is completed. It's going to be close, but I think they'll get it done in time.
b) People honor God with their attitudes. Our building team has done an amazing job. However, some people seem to love to prove to others how much they know by pointing out critiques. Pray that people don't and that if they do, the building team will respond properly.
c) Grace is changed for the better. When we entered the building process, I used to pray that the new building wouldn't change us as a Body. First, that prayer is flawed because it assumes change is a bad thing. Second, the prayer is flawed because we can't avoid change when you change residence. Pray instead, that the building will simply be a tool God uses for His honor and glory.



  • At 11:17 PM, Anonymous katie rose said…

    hey you could always buy my house. that would be an answer to prayers.

  • At 8:43 AM, Blogger ~d said…

    i stepped inside our new church home for the first time two days ago and was absolutely thrilled! even if it isn't perfect by sunday, it will still be so very exciting to be there, all together at the same time...with room to fellowship! the building committee has done incredibly well, given the limited budget, and i tip my hat to them all :)

  • At 9:51 PM, Blogger Jones said…

    Hey, I was looking at the source code for your blog and I think I may have found the reason that your sidebar is at the bottom of the blog. Go to the html editor on blogger and scroll down to where you have the links. Add to the end of each list of links /ul inside < > so that the bullets will be contained to that list, that should remove the side slant to the list of links and therefore make your side bar fit next to your posts. I would put an example, but blogger won't let me have html in the comments.

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger RevPharoah said…

    I'm rejoicing with you (is that christianese or what?) on the move to the new building. Make sure to take some time and celebrate and enjoy reaching this milestone. God put lots of commemorations and celebrations into the Bible. I think He knows we need them. But sometimes we get so task oriented we just mark it off the list and move on to the next thing.

    I'm happy for you.

  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Jones said…

    saw the building for the first time yesterday, pretty sweet, can't wait till wednesday!

  • At 10:46 PM, Anonymous katie rose said…

    the new building was amazing. when igetmy licence i will totally be there allofthe time. i talked to rach for quite a while today. she hasn't changed a bit. she told me that she wrote me a card but then she didn't know how to give it to me. and she invited me to her birthday party. she even remembered that mine was close to hers. she is so cute. i miss your family so much!


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