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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Don't Just Sit There, Buy a Mac!!!

I've mentioned a couple times that my mac has been giving me trouble.

This weekend, customer service decided to replace the laptop since this one could probably be considered a lemon. But with all of these problems, do I really want another apple?


First off, the computer has been wonderful. I have no complaint except that it would break every five months due to a logic board problem. Ok, so that's not a minor deal, but no one else with a mac that I've ever talked to has had a similar problem. It appears to be a fluke thing.

Second, Mac has always repaired the situation quickly. Typically, I'd have my computer back within 5-6 days, with no data lost. However, this final time is particularly annoying, as it's taken a while for them to fix it, and track record shows replacing the logic board won't really fix the problem.

Third, I am not an extended warranty guy. They always just seem like a scam to me. My iBook (purchased over 3 years ago) had a one year warranty. I was worried about the response when my warranty expired. I've never received flack from apple when I've called them. They've always acknowledged that the problem is theirs and have been quick to fix the situation.

Yes, it's nice to be back on the bandwagon. It's why I made the switch.


  • At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Natty said…

    so they are just sending you a new computer? that is pretty much coolest thing i have ever heard. and you wanted to rid yourself of macs. at least you are back to the good side.


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