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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Book Review

One Thing You Can't Do in Heaven by Mark Cahill

I was first introduced to Mark Cahill when I ordered the video Being A Light in a Dark World by Summit Ministries. Mark is a former Auburn basketball player (there when Sir Charles wore an XXXL Auburn jersey) who has a total passion for Jesus Christ. I remembered watching the video and thinking, "This guy can't speak. He's all over the place!" Yet, I watched the video three times straight through. The man was captivating.

Since I had seen the video, many of Mark's illustrations were not new to me. This book is certainly not intended to be a doctrinal treatise on evangelism or salvation (It may be the first time I've seen quotes from Charles Finney and John MacArthur on the same page that weren't contrasting one another!), but rather a manual on how to share your faith.

Cahill gives some very helpful chapters on jumpstarting conversations about faith, what to do in the face of rejection, and even how to answer questions people may have. He gives very practical insights that a person can apply immediately after reading. He also fills the books with stories of him applying his teaching. If the way he equips doesn't excite a person about evangelism, surely hearing the way he's applied and the work God has done through it will.

My only concern would be that he seems to place most of his focus on evangelism on the acceptance of the audience, and not on the glory of God. He does temper this however, by admitting that to share our faith is always a winning situation for the believer, regardless of the response received.

It's an easy read (obviously, from my last review you can see how long it took to read!). It's a practical read. If you've struggled to share your faith, it's a must read.

Cahill book is a "7.5 point Caribou."


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