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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book Review

Where Have All the Dreamers Gone? "Observations from a Biblical Worldview"
by William Brown

Just finished the book today and figured I'd start giving reviews. You'll know what I think about the book, it will keep me accountable to keep reading and will give Jer a chance to rip on my thoughts some more!

Eight chapters to explore worldviews. Unfortunately, they are eight disjointed chapters. He maps out worldviews, expresses what they are, and how they are seen in media, politics and life. But he doesn't do it with any discernable pattern.

There is one cool chapter filled with his correspondence while in Russia. He makes some great observations, but doesn't really tie them all together.

It even begins and ends with an awkward sort of commercial about Cedarville University.

If you're looking for a book about worldviews, I would highly recommend Long Journey Home by Os Guinness.

Overall, I think Brown is President of a great academic institution (how bout their mens basketball program, eh!) and I respect the work he did at Bryan College too. But I'd have to rate this a "4 point Caribou" (on a 10 point scale) selection.


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