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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cold Front at Caribouyah

If you follow this blog, you've probably noticed that the Day After Tomorrow has struck this site. Things have slowed down, and quite frankly, I don't see them warming up. But it doesn't mean I've cooled of blogging. However, due to greater passions, this blog will probably very rarely be updated.

If you enjoyed this blog (odds are I call you "mom" or "dad," but I degress), I would offer the following suggestions:

    Check out The Haphazzard Housewife. There, my wife posts family updates, writes book reviews and generally looks at things with far more wisdom than I. (Plus, she's a great writer.)
    Check out The Greenville Grace News Blog to keep up with events at our church. Occasionally, I'll even post articles on that site. (I recently posted one about the gift of not getting a Ferrari.
    Check out Perspicuous Perspectives (my online commentary). This is a great joy of mine, but I have not given it much attention. I plan to fire up more articles (and try to catch up with 1 John) on this site.
    The birth of Preach the Word. I love to preach and love to listen to preaching. Though I am zealous about it, I acknowledge it is an idiosyncratic zeal. I have wanted to develop this particular blog for a couple years, but feared that some would consider it arrogant...thinking I am setting myself up as the standard of good preaching. This is not my aim at all. The aim of my preaching, and of this blog, is to see the power of God unleashed through His Word, not mine. I do not always accomplish that task, but it is my aim. While I would love to see pastors encouraged and challenged, as well as congregations informed as to what they should be desiring from the pulpit, ultimately, I hope it serves as meditations to keep me faithful.
So, while things may seem frosty around here, I certainly hope things are warming up!