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Friday, October 26, 2007

ML-J, Altar Calls & Decisions

I'm reproducing the reasons from Preaching & Preachers that Martin Lloyd-Jones used to explain why he did not regularly practice altar calls. As I've stated earlier, some misunderstand a lack of altar calls as an apathy for soul winning. It's important to understand reasons why ML-J resisted this newer (relatively) practice. Reasons 1 & 2, Reason 3, Reasons 4 & 5, Reason 6, Reason 7 and Reasons 8 & 9 have already been addressed: (ML-J's thoughts in black, mine in blue).

10. No sinner ever really 'decides for Christ'...A sinner does not 'decide' for Christ; the sinner flies to Christ in utter helplessness and despair saying--Foul, I to the fountain fly, Wash me, Saviour, or I die.

No man truly comes to Christ unless he flies to Him as his only refuge and hope, his only way of escape from the accusations of conscience and the condemnation of God's holy law. Nothing else is satisfactory. If a man says that having thought about the matter and having considered all sides he has on the whole decided for Christ, and if he has done so without any emotion or feeling, I cannot regard him as a man who has been regenerated. The convicted sinner no more 'decides' for Christ than the poor drowning man 'decides' to take hold of that rope that is thrown to him and suddenly provides him with the only means of escape. The term is entirely inappropriate.



  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger brother_barabbas said…


    However, once the man realized his drowning condition and need for a lifeline, should we not toss it?


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