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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Homosexuality and Genetics

I completely agree with Al Mohler's perspective on "the Gay Gene." Though the "evidence" is shaky, the Christian should not be rattled if they discovered a genetic influence toward homosexuality. Mohler reminds us:
Conservative Christians believe that homosexual behavior is sinful, not because of scientific evidence or the absence of a biological basis, but because the Bible is so clear in its condemnation of all homosexual acts, and even of homosexual desire (Romans 1: 27). The Rice and Ebers study does reveal the weakness of the biological argument put forward by homosexual activists, but evangelicals must be cautious in denying the possibility of any biological factors related to homosexuality...

...The doctrine of total depravity reminds us that no part of ourselves is free from sin and its injury. That certainly includes our genetic code as well. As the church father Ambrose of Milan (340-397) stated, "Before we are born we are infected with the contagion, and before we see the light of day we experience the injury of our origin." In the end, the scientific evidence is not morally important, though it may be medically useful.

That said, our brother at Dunkard Journal has been keeping readers updated on the mess that is the Unofficial Brethren Position Paper of the Church of the Brethren Standing Committee. In a recent article, he quotes a medical doctor's article in the "Messenger." In the quote, the doctor states:
Social Psychology has not been able to find any evidence that homosexuality is inborn or hereditary. If it was hereditary, it would follow family patterns and family history and would not vary over time. There is no evidence that people have any inborn gender preference.

This got me to thinking (and may have been a point from the medical doctor, unfortunately, his article is not linked)...

If homosexuality is genetic, then it is passed down hereditarily. If it is passed down hereditarily, then a person with the homosexual gene must be engaged in a heterosexual relationship. Therefore, shouldn't the incidences of homosexuality decrease over generations as those with the gene do not produce offspring?

Perhaps, one could argue that our world's narrow-minded view of homosexuality has caused those with the gene to procreate with heterosexuals, thus continuing the gene. However, in our age of "tolerance," wouldn't more people with the gene indulge their impulse and enter into a homosexual relationship, thus eliminating their ability to procreate...thus eventually eliminating the gene?

Again, IF homosexuality had any genetic influence, the Christian should not panic or find his position shaken. The Word of God has spoken. But, IF homosexuality is genetic, shouldn't that mean it is headed for extinction?


  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger Noel said…

    Thank you, that was very informative. I agree that regardless of scientific finding, God's Word prevails on top.
    Many of the studies that have been out such as lavay and others had weak or tainted data. There were problems with their studies, which leads me to believe that people are just trying to justify their sinful behaviors. If gays could stop Christians from condemning them and telling them it was sin then they could be free to do what they wanted without resistance.
    I thought your point about gays going out of extinction was excellent. I never thought about that. Most of my research and work with homosexuals comes to the same conclusion: The relationship with the father is terrible. MEN, TEACH YOUR SONS TO BE MEN!

  • At 1:13 PM, Blogger fisher said…

    Agree, the Bible gives us the accurate description of the origin of homosexuality (and all those "other" sins that we might not be so eager to talk about)

    Romans 1 tells us it is genetic, it is inherited and the "natural" blooming of the seed of sin, the beginning of which is the failure to glorify God as His revealed character warrants(Rom 1:21)

    We were ALL, by nature, homosexuals in the making, only God stops some from becoming what we would have eventually become.

    I am concerned that we, who have been "straightened" tend to focus on homosexuality more than some of those other lesser character flaws, such as adultery, hatred, gluttony, greed, pride, neglect of the poor, apathy for the lost, etc. (I would go on, but my broad phylacteries prevent me from typing further.)

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Noel said…

    I wouldn't say that all non-believers are homosexuals or in process of becoming one. Sinners all have sin in common, but the type of sin varies greatly.

  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Pastor E said…

    Sorry - I have my 'commenting' shoes on today - I think the study on identical twins pretty much destroyed the thought that 'gayness' was genetic. It's still perpetuated obviously because mankind will do anything to try to make his sin look normal and be accepted (similar to what is said about men who cheat on their wives). 'Fisher' above mentioned that we "focus" on the sin of homosexuality more than others - I disagree - and if it seems that way it's only because it is shoved in my face constantly by that segment of the population who obviously want to be defined by their perverse sexuality.


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