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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Clean Expressions?

With the death of Steve Irwin, the guys at Way of the Master Radio discussed his life and death. Ray Comfort, a Kiwi, shared that one of Irwin's favorite statements of exclamation was actually a play off Christ's name. Comfort shared, that in the "land down under," the people know that this is just a watered down way of taking the Lord's name in vain.

Ray and Todd then began to discuss the many "options" here in the U.S. One phrase that they covered was, "Oh my word." As my love and appreciation for the Word of God has grown, I too have become increasingly uncomfortable with this expression. What would be the reason for using "word" and not "toothbrush" or "broccoli?" Is it possible that people see the connection between God and His Word, and see them as interchangable. Therefore, to use word instead of God, is simply an indirect attack upon the name of God...but an attack none the less.

Todd then went on to say that he believes "Oh man!" is an attack of The Son of Man. I had always assumed man, used as an exclamation, was actually a pure thing. I figured that people, not wanting to take God's name in vain, were actually using man as an acknowledgement that we are the ones who deserve to be dragged through the mud.

I do not believe the phrase can mean one thing to you and one thing to me. It has a definite origin, and we should be aware of it.

Does anyone have an idea where this phrase comes from? How do we find out?


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