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Friday, May 19, 2006

Sproul Speaks

With the release of the panel discussions from the Together for the Gospel we get to pick up some of the great wisdom of RC Sproul.

Question posed to RC:
There are men in this auditorium, right now, who believe that the Seattle Seahawks were robbed, and that the referees are to be held responsible, in effect, for the victory of your Pittsburgh Steelers. I wondered if you had an opinion?
RC's answer: (condensed down)
Yes I do.

As Augustine told us, we must always be able to distinguish between faith and credulity. And just because Seattle fans think they were robbed, that's a matter of credulity. Because, objectively, as I always am when it comes to the Steelers, the league office reviewed every call in that game. And the only call that the league office said was wrong was the block below the waist call on the quarterback (Hasselback) after the interception.

The touchdown by Roethlisberger, I saw it ten times on Tivo. I can stop it where I want, and about midpoint in his flight he broke the plain.

On the touchdown that was called back. No question that the receiver pushed off. Offensive interference. Now they didn't have to call that. Many times they do not. But the guy did commit offensive interference.

The biggest no call of the game was on the one touchdown that Seattle did score, the one receiver picked Troy Polamalu, which is illegal. That one should have been called back.

The good news for Seattle is that they don't have to pick last in the NFL Draft on Saturday.

The good news for Pittsburgh is that they have to pick last.
Who am I to argue with a man of his distinguished mind?


  • At 1:01 PM, Anonymous jerome bettis (yes, the real one) said…

    Your Steelers are nothing without me.

    Y'all know it. I carried them guys on my back.


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