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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why DaVinci

[My apologizes if you are sick of reading about the DaVinci code on my blog. As you can see, I could have posted one ├╝berpost, or I could break my thoughts down a little. If you're hating this series, I only have a few more thoughts and then I'll be done.]

Why would the conspiracy of the DaVinci code even be attractive? What would make a person wish to pursue this angle? I think there are a few reasons:

1. Conspiracies sell. Brown states it in his book, "Everyone loves a conspiracy." There's something to thinking you are privy to information that others do not have that empowers us and makes life exciting. It feeds the ego to think that you know something others have tried to keep secret.

2. No Lordship issues. If you can make the case that Jesus is not divine, then you don't need to worry about Him being Lord either. Brown, in repeated attempts to present Jesus as merely human, presents Jesus simply as a good teacher with loving advice. He becomes someone to be admired, but doesn't have to be obeyed.

3. No need for Lordship. In Brown's argument for the "divine feminine," he establishes that original sin was a concept created by Constantine. He says that the Church had an anti-female agenda and therefore they created "original sin." Interestingly enough, Brown ignores that Paul says that sin entered the world through man and does not hold Eve soley responsible. But going Brown's route, he can pursue a pro-feminist agenda as well as exonerate all of us from sin. With his conspiracy, Brown can reason that even if God exists, he is not responsible to answer to Him, for he is not a sinner.

We should not be surprised by these reasons. Since Brown does not know Christ, he's going to pursue different avenues to escape the truth of Who God is. It's what Paul is talking about in Romans 1.

I should pray that God reveal to Dan Brown that he is chasing after empty stories in an effort to escape pending judgment. I should glorify God, for apart from His grace, I'd be chasing similar stories. Dan Brown is certainly smarter than me, but God in His grace, broke my heart to see the truth.


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