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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kudos to Albert

Among many other things, Albert Mohler talked about two books yesterday on his radio show, "The Truth about Hillary" and "Harry Potter."

Now, this theologian and cultural commentator (who's known to be quite conservative politically) recommended one of these books, and discouraged all from reading the other. Can you guess which?

Mohler encouraged people that with parental interaction, Harry Potter books can be a great way to get kids reading and discussing good and evil.

The "Truth about Hillary," however, Mohler quickly discouraged. Many of the stories are simply placed on rumor, not verifiable fact. He also challenged that the believer should not delight in the moral faults of others, which can make us prone to a self-righteous attitude. Though it could be tempting to indulge in some dirt flinging, the higher road is to let this book go unread.

I really like Mohler's program, and would even encourage you to download a listen to yesterday's show. I totally think the man has biblical approach to issues, and found it rather refreshing that he wasn't terrified of one book simply because it mentions wizards, and wasn't ready to laud another just because it advances the conservative political view.


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