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Friday, June 09, 2006

A Few Observations

Just a few observations heading into the weekend.

1. GBC joins arms with Acts29
    I was encouraged this week to find out about Catalyst Church. Jonathan Herron is leading this work.
2. Please keep it up Mr. Terry!
    What's finer than seeing Shaq, Antoine Walker, Jason Williams and Gary Payton lose Game One? Thinking that David Stern may have to hand a championship trophy to Mark Cuban.
3. Brokenhearted, Tired and Delighted in God.
    For the better part of a month, I've been having a discussion with a man who denies God's existence. I'm thankful for the reminder of Way of the Master Radio, that we should go to the conscience. However, I'm mentally tired from his intellectual inconsistencies, brokenhearted over his refusal to seek God, and incredibly grateful to God for His grace extended to me to remove my veil.
4. The egalitarians are hornked.
    Over at Justin Taylor's blog, he's been getting quite a response from egalitarians regarding the Together for the Gospel statement. It's been an interesting discussion and reveals why proper hermeneutics are important.
5. Sixty games and two up.
    Proof that some things can't be explained...my Rangers are leading their division.


  • At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Brad said…

    Hornked. Nice word.

  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    it's from "strange brew." a must for anyone interested in studying the canadian culture.

  • At 7:23 AM, Anonymous Brad said…

    I always thought it was "to hork" meaning "to steal" as in "Who'd wanna hork our clothes?" I'll have to listen more carefully to their pronunciation next time, eh.

  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger danny2 said…

    right you are.

    from the same movie as "horking clothes" comes, "did you feed hosehead?" "no eh, i thought you did." "well throw him a doughnut, he looks hornked."

    i'm not sure if they are an equal dirivitive of the same canuck root.

  • At 8:15 PM, Anonymous brad said…

    That settles it. I'm watching the movie tonight.

  • At 4:21 PM, Anonymous mcgriff said…

    good movie...I was in Canada a few weeks back and used those words a couple of times...appartenly Canadians don't think that movie is quite as funny as us Americans do.


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